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IT is in the midst of a profound transformation, and the latest updates replacing the Diploma for IT & Telecoms Professionals with a more contemporary version mirror this dynamic change. These certifications have evolved into a new range that aligns seamlessly with the ever-evolving digital technology landscape.

We offer our expertise to individuals looking to achieve fully and partially funded Vocational Qualifications in Scotland across the following disciplines:

The Diploma in Digital Applications Level 6

The Diploma in Digital Application Support at SCQF L6 is intended more for users of information systems, typically people who are looking to become an advanced user or looking to develop their skills and knowledge with Office 365, MS Office, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, etc. The Diploma is a broad-based qualification allowing some scope for specialisation in structured data processing, web or multimedia applications, or helpdesk application support.

The Diploma in Digital Marketing Level 6

The Diploma in Digital Marketing at SCQF level 6 provides learners with a qualification that demonstrates underpinning knowledge and evidence of competence in digital marketing. This Apprenticeship is a structured program designed to prepare individuals for a career in the field of digital marketing. It combines practical, hands-on experience with formal education and training, covering a wide range of digital marketing strategies and techniques, including content creation, marketing tools, and metrics and analytics.

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Software Development Diploma Level 6 & Level 8

Software Development at SCQF L8 has been designed to support roles in this field across a range of sectors covering a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours identified by employers.  The qualification includes designing software solutions, executing software testing, amending software components and creating, designing and developing user documentation for new and amended software components.

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Data Analytics Diploma Level 6 & Level 8

Data Analytics is intended for learners who are in roles such as data manager, data engineer, data analyst and data scientist.  Data Analytics Apprenticeships provide individuals with the knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in the field of data analytics. The program equips apprentices with the skills to work with data, extract valuable insights, and support data-driven decision-making in various industries, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology.

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Cyber Security Diploma Level 6 & Level 8

A Cyber Security Apprenticeship is a structured training program that provides individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in cybersecurity or enhance existing skills for those already in the industry. It typically combines on-the-job training with remote classroom instruction, allowing apprentices to gain practical experience while learning about various aspects of cybersecurity, including threat detection, prevention, and mitigation.

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The Diploma in Cloud Infrastructure Level 6 & Level 8

Cloud Infrastructure provides learners with a qualification that will demonstrate their aptitude in this area. Cloud Infrastructure Apprenticeships are an effective way for individuals to enter the field of cloud computing, which is a critical and rapidly evolving area of IT. By combining practical experience, formal training, and the opportunity to earn certifications, this apprenticeship provides a strong foundation for pursuing cloud-related roles in cloud administration, cloud architecture, or cloud operations.

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The Diploma in Network Infrastructure Level 6 & Level 8

Network Infrastructure provides learners with a qualification that will demonstrate their aptitude in this area. This Apprenticeship prepares individuals for roles in network administration, network engineering, and related positions in IT. These programs provide a solid foundation in designing, implementing, securing, and maintaining computer networks, making apprentices well-equipped to support an organisation’s network infrastructure needs. 

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The Diploma in IT Support Level 6 & Level 8

IT Support at SCQF level 6 & level 8 provides learners with a qualification that will demonstrate their aptitude in this area. It combines practical, hands-on experience with structured learning, typically taking place both on the job and through formal training. This qualification covers areas such as applying problem solving approaches, supporting digital technology service requests, assisting development of digital technology support materials, and supporting digital technology asset management.

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Our Modern Apprenticeship training service helps employers seeking expertise in planning, implementing, and supporting their Modern Apprenticeship training programs. Whether you are looking to upskill existing employees or seek guidance on Modern Apprentice recruitment, we can provide expertise to guide your decision-making.

We are work-based learning specialists. Elite has a proven track record of identifying and provisioning appropriate learning, courses, and certifications across various business and technical role specifications. Our know-how allows individuals to develop the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. The Elite Modern Apprenticeship team can help your organisation identify and build the skills your workforce needs.


Trusted Expertise

Elite Modern Apprenticeships continue the traditions that have served us so well with the successes of commercial training provision, maintaining focus on quality, flexibility and sustainability.

Our SVQ assessors are fully qualified and certified Microsoft MCSA and MCT, with many years of experience in the delivery of these qualifications.

Our Modern Apprenticeship programme offers information, advice and guidance on all aspects of apprenticeships, such as recruiting candidates, funding and employer grants available in your region and advice on the inclusion of the latest role-based certifications to your chosen SVQ Framework delivery plan.

Our Process

We’ll carry out an initial assessment to understand prospective candidates learning needs and the needs of your Organisation.

A bespoke delivery plan is produced to illustrate how training and support will be delivered and assessed.

Our experienced account managers will work with your organisation and the candidate to create the most appropriate learning pathway to ensure they receive their SVQ which also provides the relevant skills for their jobs.

Once all parties are in agreement, we will register the candidate and conduct induction for the SVQ.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all in learning. That’s why we offer tailored learning options that cater to your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your skills, a business seeking customised training solutions, or an organisation looking to upskill your workforce, we work closely with you to design a personalised learning plan. Our commitment is to provide the right learning, in the right format, at the right pace, ensuring that a learning journey is as unique as the people we deal with. Our tailored learning options can assist you in achieving your full potential on your terms.

We offer a variety of learning options, and while we have outlined some of the more common courses that serve as the foundation for digital Apprenticeship Frameworks below, it’s essential to note that we can also incorporate and assess courses from other vendors, such as Cisco and AWS, to meet the specific outcomes of the Awards.

Our featured courses include:

Microsoft MOSMicrosoft Office Specialist: Associate (Office 365 and Office 2019)
Microsoft FundamentalsMicrosoft Fundamentals
CompTIACompTIA Certifications

Our dedicated Account Managers are always on hand to address any enquiries or concerns you may have. If you would like to schedule a consultation to explore these options further, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us at 0141 222 2227 or getting in touch by email to



Discover more about our managed Modern Apprenticeship scheme for employers. Explore how Elite can help you with Modern Apprenticeship recruitment and selection.


You may enter a Modern Apprenticeship from the age of 16. Discover more about securing a Modern Apprenticeship if you are new to the world of work or through your existing employer.


"I learned a lot from the course and took a lot of information from it. The course was set out very clearly and it was an amazing group of people."

Alex is registered for the IT Professional SVQ. He is also working towards the CompTIA A+ PC Engineer certification.

Alex B – First Line Support

"Completing Elite's IT SVQ qualification is a long-term investment. The course and mentor support ensured that I achieved my Microsoft accreditations, which have been a long-held personal ambition. The learning framework was tailored to fit me as an individual, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish."

Alastair completed the IT Professional SVQ, achieving Microsoft certifications in Power Platform, Security, and Azure Fundamentals.

Alastair R – Program Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

"The remote assessment sessions run very smoothly, and I manage to get through lots of work when on a call with Chris."

Andrew is a graduate registered for the IT Professional SVQ. He has achieved the CompTIA A+ PC Engineer Core 1 certification and is working towards Core 2 objectives.

Andrew M – Second Line Support
Port of Leith Housing Association


Founded in 2006 with headquarters in Glasgow, Elite Training offers a comprehensive range of IT, Professional Best Practice and Business Skills training across the UK.

At Elite Training, we understand that every client is different and as such customise training solutions to suit your individual requirements. We are interested in building strong, long lasting business relationships based on high quality training and customer care. We pride ourselves on responding quickly to queries and providing advice on all your training requirements.

We’ve spent over 15 years building a diverse client base with an almost equal split between public and private sector contracts. We’ve worked extensively across all branches of Scottish Government, local government and the NHS. We’re also proud to have met the training needs of private sector organisations such as TSB, Telegraph Media Group and
BNP Paribas.

Our main business is conducted with mid-to-large companies and organisations, which are more inclined to invest in training and tend to have cohesive learning development plans.

We believe in improving organisational productivity through the reduction of skills gaps and tackling workforce skill shortages. Our role in helping clients address these issues has led to tangible productivity and skills improvements across the whole of our client portfolio.

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